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June 2017

2017 AgTech Landscape: What’s On The Horizon

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2017 AgTech Landscape: What’s On The Horizon

Just ahead of The Mixing Bowl’s “FOOD IT: Fork to Farm” event on June 27th in Mountain View, CA, Seana Day has released an updated version of her AgTech Landscape Map and provided her latest perspective on the AgTech market. Hear Seana discuss the Landscape Map and her views at FOOD IT, which coincides with our partner Forbes’ June 28-29 AgTech Summit in Salinas, CA.

We have adopted a new format (available for download here) to reflect the ever-evolving mosaic of companies entering the Food & AgTech fray. In this post, I will look at what’s happening in the AgTech field, with investment and consolidation activity as a backdrop. I will also highlight some key drivers in the post-harvest technology segment fueling the proliferation of companies popping up to meet the big challenges (and opportunities) in the supply chain.