Agribusiness Companies

Omnivore Partners invests in early stage technology-based Agribusiness Companies in India. Agribusiness companies include the whole spectrum of businesses, related to food production that comprises of planting, distribution and sale of the end product.

India being second biggest ploughable land in the world, and possessing diverse agriculture friendly climatic zones all over the country, has immense production benefit in agriculture, with a capability to cultivate a great gamut of agricultural products.

Having such a strong potential in agriculture, it’s also considered to be the base for varied raw material for food processing. If these advantages of agribusiness companies are leveraged prudently, India can emerge as a leading food supplier to the world.

We manage all the funds and add value to the investments by applying technical expertise and skills to enhance the sustainable productivity & performance of agribusinesses companies. We have relevant experience and expertise across the agriculture sector. The professionals at Omnivore Partners are industry leaders, who have years of expertise across the agriculture industry. To learn more about Omnivore Partners and our approach to agriculture funds in India.

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