At Omnivore, we believe that breakthrough technologies offer the best opportunity to address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers in India, helping Indian agriculture transform into an economic engine for agricultural development and sustainable rural prosperity.

India has over 100 million farmers cultivating a total land area of 160 million hectares. Average landholdings are below two hectares and only 1% of farmers in India cultivate land holdings over 10 hectares. Despite small farms, India’s agricultural economy represents around one-fifth of the national GDP and employs almost half of the country’s workforce. 

Moreover, small farms have not prevented India from being either the largest or second largest global producer of milk, wheat, rice, sugar, cotton, pulses, fruits, vegetables, spices, and tea!

Omnivore’s Theory of Change

At Omnivore, we believe three disruptions are required to help Indian farmers overcome rural poverty:

Increasing the profitability
of smallholder agriculture

By raising farm yields, securing better prices for farm outputs, and reducing farm expenditures.

Improving the sustainability
of smallholder agriculture

By reducing consumption of natural resources and minimizing wastage/spoilage.

Reducing the uncertainty borne
by smallholder farmers

By providing access to innovative finance, risk management solutions, steady/augmented sources of income, and improved market dynamics.

Indian startups have a unique opportunity to create products, services, and post-harvest value chains that catalyze these disruptions and revolutionize Indian agriculture!

Omnivore’s Investment Themes

Within our broader focus on food, agriculture, and the rural economy, Omnivore is especially excited by the following investment themes and technology trends:

Agricultural Technology

  • Digital platforms
  • Big data solutions
  • Precision agriculture
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • Remote sensing, UAVs
  • Farm automation, robotics
  • Biological inputs

Innovative Food

  • Branded value chains linked to smallholder farmers (FMCG, QSR, delivery)
  • Traceability, food safety solutions
  • Nutrition breakthroughs
  • Novel food processing technologies

Rural Livelihoods

  • Marketplaces for agricultural inputs, outputs, financial inclusion
  • Fintech for farmers
  • Farm storage technologies
  • Supply chain tools
  • Water conservation
  • Energy management

Omnivore’s Impact Report