Our Portfolio

Omnivore portfolio companies are working to transform food systems across India, making agriculture more profitable, stable, and sustainable.

Fund I


Skymet is India's leading provider of risk solutions for weather and agriculture.


Stellapps is a full stack IoT technology solutions company focused on digitizing the dairy value chain, improving the lives of millions of dairy farmers while bringing supply chain integrity and transparency to private dairy companies and cooperatives.

Ecozen Solutions

Ecozen manufactures proprietary, solar-powered, micro cold storage units and water pumping solutions for farmers and rural communities.


Eruvaka develops connected devices and mobile-based decision tools for affordable monitoring and automation of aquaculture farms.


Y-Cook is a leader in retort food processing technology, producing precooked vegetables, fruits and legumes that are ambient-stable and preservative-free.


Barrix develops integrated pest management (IPM) technologies that provide farmers with highly effective crop protection while reducing their dependence on chemical insecticides.


MITRA is India’s leading designer and manufacturer of automatic sprayers for vineyards and orchards.


GramCover is a digital-first insurance platform for rural India, expanding access to crop, livestock, health, motor, and other general insurance products.


FR8 is re-imagining the Indian trucking industry by using a unique technology platform to guarantee truck owners the business they need, when and where they want it.

Arohan Foods

Arohan is developing the pork ecosystem in Northeast India, working with smallholder pig farmers to improve all aspects of the value chain.


Khedut manufactures automatic seed drills and innovative planting machinery.


Retigence develops proprietary algorithms to deliver big data solutions for inventory management, providing real time analytics for decision makers.

Fund II


Doodhwala is a subscription-based, hyper-local, early morning delivery platform for perishables and daily essentials, sourced directly from local farms and dairies.


AgNext is a sensing solutions startup that collects spatial, temporal and spectral data across the agriculture and food value chain, helping growers and food processors to improve their productivity, quality and profitability.


TartanSense is an agricultural robotics startup that builds low-cost, semi-autonomous farm robots aimed at smallholder farmers to assist in farming operations such as de-weeding and fertiliser application.


DeHaat is a technology-based platform offering end-to-end agricultural services to farmers, including distribution of high-quality agri inputs, customized farm advisory, access to financial services, and market linkages for selling their produce.

Intello Labs

Intello Labs is an artificial intelligence startup that uses computer vision and deep learning tools to build a platform for quality grading and monitoring of agricultural commodities.