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agriculture and food systems.

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Our investment themes

Farmer Platforms & Fintech

Digital platforms providing solutions for farmers, including access to inputs, market linkages, advisory/extension, storage, farm equipment, and credit/insurance

B2B Agri Marketplaces

Digital marketplaces that transform value chains for farm inputs or agricultural outputs

Farm to Consumer (F2C) Brands

Brands (CPG, QSR, e-grocery) that source directly from farmers and supply fresh, traceable foods to consumers

Precision Agriculture

Technologies to help farmers raise crop yields and optimize resource utilization, including robotics, drones, loT, remote sensing, and automation equipment

Post-Harvest Technologies

Innovative midstream technologies for food quality and safety, traceability, storage, logistics, and food processing

Agrifood Life Sciences

Life science technologies to promote sustainable agriculture and food systems, including ag biotech, bioenergy/biomaterials, and innovative foods/ingredients.